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Aggregations  |  Complex Timber Structures

Research Collaboration for Gramazio & Kohler at D-FAB ETH-Zurich

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Automated Robotic Fabrication Setup





The project began with an analysis of contemporary and traditional timber systems and defined node typologies suitable for the digital fabrication process. The process involved designing, programming and building a funnel-shaped wooden structure with a span of 4.5m consisting out of 93 individually cut wooden beams. The cutting of the beams, drilling the holes for the screws and the precise placement of the components within the structure was carried out in a continuous robot-based process using an ABB robot, making the production process entirely automated.

The constraints given by the robot-fabrication process such as length, angle constraints of the components and the assembly sequence of the structure were already incorporated in the planning phase of the design process and have been an integral part of the architectural design.