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Split: Berklee College of Music

street view rendering

 analysis diagram: typical high rise

design strategy 01: lift

design strategy 02: split

building organization diagram: public to private

elevator diagram: floor plan organization strategy


program organization diagram

ground plan

dormitory plan

Harvard University Graduate School of Design  |  Fall 2012
Professor: Eric Howeler
Studio: Architecture Core III
Program: Mixed-use high rise
Site: Boston, MA


A mixed-use high rise building designed for speculative clients, the Berklee School of Music and the ICA Museum. The program includes retail, a gallery, an auditorium, a black box, classrooms and dormitories. Given the mix of public and private program, the project takes on the idea of splitting the two to an extreme.
The building is lifted from the ground, divided into two chunks horizontally public below and private on top and creates an additional public space in the middle, the west end of the building is split entirely creating a dramatic atrium for lighting. Internally, the public half of the building is organized around a giant split level elevator which forces the public floors into a pin-wheel procession.